Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mini Burt's Bees Haul

So yea, I'm the worst blogger ever. Which really doesn't make sense. Because I'm a writer. But I write in bursts. Whenever it comes to me. I get these bursts of energy. Motivation to do something. And then I do it really strong for a while. Then it fades and I'm on to the next thing. This is probably the 10th blog I've created. And just like the others. It has fizzled. First. I forget to update. And then I remember. But then I obsess over creating a perfect post and never post it cuz I think it isn't "right". Or I figure I should save that post for later and post something else first but I don't have the something else and so I post nothing.

But you're not here to read about my neuroses. But let this count as my apology.

Ok Burt's bees. They have new lip products. And since I aspire to use only natural products especially on my lips,or at least ones sans mineral oil and petrolatum I am excited. Love the ingredient lists. And they had a pretty good color selection. I got this pink gloss with a wand that has gold shimmer. And a wine colored lip shine that has no shimmer. The gloss is 8.99, shine 6.99 at Walgreens. Which isn't bad considering ingredients. And it's a trusted brand. While I consider their balms to be staples I was not impressed with some of their previous color lip products. So we will see how these turn out.

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