Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Black Bag

So, I happened to stumble upon Little Black Bag. It is a subscription service that sends you accessories. It is pricey in my opinion. You pay $50. Pick an accessory of your choice. Then they will add 3-4 other items to your bag. Over the next 7 days you can trade any of your items with other members. This was really fun. It adds a social networking aspect to shopping. 

The retail value of my bag was $126, so I saved a lot. However, at $50 a month, I will definitely not be doing this often. I liked the Nila Anthony bad I received. This is the item I chose. I got the red necklace for my mom. The earrings are much smaller than they appeared online. This also came with a sample of a Redken product that is supposed to help with frizz. Not sure how it'll work on my hair. But perhaps I'll try it. 

The good thing about Little Black Bag is that you can skip months. So if you sign up you're not obligated to pay every month. Otherwise, I would cancel. 

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